Post First Year MBA – Pre Internship To Do List

I basically have a week between the end of spring quarter finals and the start of my summer internship.  Since I’m staying locally in LA for work, I have some free time on my hands and I’m going to try to get some things done before I get really busy again.  If I can get even half of these completed, I’ll be happy.


  • Resolve Credit Card Address Error
  • Roll over 401 K
  • Go see a dentist
  • Go see primary care doctor again
  • Renew Parking
  • Get Car Detailed
  • Pickup PO Box Mail
  • Buy Athletic Shoes
  • Buy Dress Shoes
  • Buy Adobe Creative Suite with UCLA Discount
  • Download Class Documents
  • Backup Spring Quarter Files
  • Create ZS Interns Facebook Group
  • Buy new Tennis Racquet
  • Start tracking calories, weight, and blood pressure again
  • Run Free Credit Report
  • Buy Printer Ink
  • Update Financials
  • Clear Bruin Bill Account
  • Use Men’s Wearhouse Coupon
  • Organize Photos
  • Call Housing Maintenance to fix cable issue
  • Haircut
  • Contact Ops Professors
  • Signup for Wooden / KREC Summer Plan
  • Lenovo Updates


  • Finish Cost of MBA Documentation
  • Fix Permalink Logic
  • Pick Social Bookmarks Plugin
  • Finish INDEX MATCH vs. VLOOKUP post
  • Finish Homework Tracker Template
  • Finish PMO Template
  • Resolve Barz Stat Question
  • Finish Startups Post
  • Fix Analytics Tracking
  • Create Facebook Fanpage
  • Respond to Reader

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