18 Tips for UCLA Anderson Students

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Get a Qualtrics Account

Another somewhat random perk of being an Anderson student is that you get a free Qualtrics account.  Qualtrics is basically an online survey tool, similar to Survey Monkey, with very robust data analytics capabilities.  If you ever need to plan a club event or conduct a student survey, you definitely should be using Qualtrics to perform the task.

Download Industry Reports from the Business School Library Database

Being an MBA students affords you access to Anderson’s entire database of industry and market research reports.  While the content isn’t always great, some of these reports cost upwards of $5,000; downloading just a handful of these could equal your MBA tuition.  You’ll probably be downloading from these databases to write research reports or to prepare for an interview.  My favorite sources are Datamonitor, IBIS World, and Glassdoor.com.  Please note that most of these sources will require you to connect through a proxy server, which is a process explained on the Business School Library website.

Study In the Large Classrooms

My favorite study spots, among the entire UCLA campus, were Anderson’s large classrooms that seated 70 – 80 people.  Assuming it’s not recruiting season, if you wait until the late afternoon there’s almost always at least one large classroom that’s open.  I’m not sure why, but something about being in an empty classroom helped keep me on task.  And unlike the Rosenfeld Library, I could eat a snack while I was working.

Healthy Food Options on Campus

The UCLA campus honestly doesn’t offer many healthy food options.  Therefore, the best way to eat healthy is not to eat on campus at all.  Obviously your time constraints won’t afford you this luxury every day, so there are a few places that offer healthy eating.  In the North Campus Student Center, there’s a salad bar and a restaurant called the Lighter Side which offers healthy meals all under 600 calories.  In Ackerman Union, there’s also a salad bar with very reasonable prices.  Just make sure you avoid Panda Express and Sbarro.

Consider the Business Creation Option for Your AMR Project

A lot of people will argue whether or not this is a good idea, but at the very least, I think you should give the Business Creation Option (BCO) some serious consideration.  When I began AMR, I thought about the process like most students do – a requirement that I needed in order to graduate.  Therefore, I signed up to do the standard AMR project which is a consulting engagement with a corporation.  I really didn’t even consider the option of doing a BCO project.

When my AMR project ended, my client was definitely grateful for the work our team had performed.  I also felt good about being able to add value to an organization in need, but in the end, I walked away with very little.  Having been a consultant in a previous life, the experiential gains were really not that significant – to me this was basically another consulting project.

While not all BCOs are successful, they at least give you the potential of walking away with something tangible.  If you’re starting your own BCO, the benefit is obvious.  If you’re a part of someone else’s BCO, then you have the potential to get equity in a startup and will likely secure a backup job opportunity for the future.

Anyway, this is my opinion about how you should pursue your AMR.  If you don’t come from a consulting background, you might prefer the normal AMR experience.  Just remember that to do the BCO option, you’ll need to have taken the Business Plan Development course as well as Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation.  Please note that these requirements may change over time, so make sure to check with the administration to get the latest details.

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