WordPress Post Finalization Checklist

The process of finalizing a post in WordPress is a multi-step process in which I almost always forget something.  Below is the checklist I use for every post I create.  I usually start with a simple word document on my desktop and then transfer it to the WordPress dashboard.


  • Perform Google Test Search to Decide Post Title
  • Add Categories
  • Add Tags
  • Format all Headings in H2
  • Add Links to Relevant Posts, Categories, and Tags
  • Add “Continue Reading” home page cutoff
  • Add “Next Page” cutoff
    • Continue Reading >>
    • << Previous Page
    • <!–nextpage–>
  • Add New Post Link to any Consolidation Posts



  • Add Callouts for Key Takeaways
    • <p class=”note”></p>
  • Update to have consistent tutorial formatting
    • Syntax input – Bold and Navy Blue
    • Field Label – Bold
    • Field Value – ” text “

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