My name is Matthew Kuo and I am a UCLA Anderson MBA graduate.  I originally built this site to display the Xcelsius dashboards I designed for a school project, but decided to continue using this space as my own digitial repository.  I am passionate about visual design and analysis, and I hope you find my work useful.

The foundation of this site will be around Microsoft Excel, a tool I’ve used for years both in the consulting world and in the healthcare industry.  However, I also plan to blog about other subjects related to my MBA studies.  Below is a preliminary list of intended categories:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at matthew at mbaexcel dot com.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello,
    at the beginning: I’m sorry for my poor English 🙁
    I am delighted with your Excel sheet MBA Homework Tracker
    Can you share a password to protect the sheet – the sheet I would like to slightly modify (enter Polish fild and change width the cell )

    I’ll be grateful for your help.
    I greet the Poland

    • Hi Monika,

      Thanks for downloading. Apologies, but I built the tool a long time ago and have since lost the password. I think you should be able to copy most of the features over to a new file though.

  2. I downloaded the tracker. I have followed the instructions, but for some reason i can’t get anything to populate in the Calendar view. Can you help me troubleshoot this issue?

  3. This is a great tool. I want to change the header ‘Mba exce….’ and remove the reference comments given underneath that. So I tried to copy the content to new sheet as its protected.

    But the last calender sheet gets collapsed. In Calender sheet there is a reference to ‘Consolidated Items’ which I am not able to find or relate to anywhere in your excel.
    Is it possible for you to suggest me how to resolve this?

  4. Hi Mathew,
    Great job, mate, I actually turned your Homework tracker into financial and budgeting tool
    The only feature I’d like to change is the weekly view to a Monthly
    Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I am SO happy I discovered this site – there is so much useful information. It is concise, comprehensive, but understandable by beginner and intermediate Excel users. Thank you!

  6. hello dear sir
    i use a huge excel spreadsheet for Document Controlling , and it has a lots of formulas in about 8000 rows and 400 columns , when i want to filter a document number in a column , i have to wait some minutes to excel processed this process and this problem makes me crazy , how can i fix this?, or if you know a way to speeding up filtering process so please help me , although yesterday when i did my works the excel shows an error and i didn’t care and i closed the error , after that the speed of filtering in that file was very fast , so please help me …

  7. It’s a fantastic Excel to track the activities and i am very happy to have the same.

    Sir- just want to know that do you have Monthly planner same as Weekly as mentioned. If yes, kindly share the same. I can also ready to Buy if chargeable. Also need to know password if possible. Awaiting your great response.

  8. Hi Matthew, I love your blog! Super useful. I needed a refresher in the INDEX MATCH formula and your explanation was really good. Thanks for having this blog. You will be added to my favourites 🙂

  9. Hello team,

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  10. Hi,
    If I would be opening your MBA Excel homework in google docs, would it still function the same way with Microsoft excel?


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