MBA Interview Preparation Checklist


If the fact that I run an Excel blog wasn’t a dead giveaway, I clearly have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive nature.  I try my best to channel this into positive behavior and an interview preparation checklist was one of the outputs.  Having a checklist of items and knowing that I was as prepared as possible definitely helped calm me down during stressful interviews.

Below is the checklist I used to prepare for all of my MBA interviews.


  • Company Latest Annual Report and 10K
  • Datamonitor Company SWOT analysis
  • S&P Industry Report (if available)
  • IBIS World Industry Report (if available)
  • Google New Search (last 10 articles)


  • Review contacts and references
  • Review statements in cover letter
  • Reverse Linked in search (if you know the interviewer’s name)

Logistics if Traveling

  • Print Google Maps to and from
  • Get change for parking
  • Load address on phone


  • Shave
  • Trim nails
  • Deodorant

Suit & Attire

  • Iron suit
  • Use lint roller
  • Pick out shirt
  • Pick out tie
  • Shine dress shoes
  • Clean glasses



  • Identification
  • Padfolio w/ pen
  • 2 copies of resume
  • Interview notes

Right Before

  • Turn off cell phone
  • Take breath mint
  • Pencil in mouth trick
  • Single run through of “tell me about yourself”

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