108 Tips for New MBA Students

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Test Taking

  1. For Open Notes Tests, Study Your Notes
  2. Bring a Highlighter
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Use Earplugs
  5. Use 5 Hour Energy
  6. Take a Walk to Help Solve Tough Problems
  7. Bring a Backup Calculator
  8. Bring a Snack

Class Participation

  1. Sit Near the Front of the Class
  2. Questions Count as Participation
  3. Take the Contrarian Point of View
  4. Take Chances With Tough Questions
  5. Write Down Your Talking Points Before Class
  6. Ask the First Question
  7. Talk to the Professor After Class
  8. Use the Biases of Primacy and Recency
  9. Use the No Nametag Trick

HBS Cases

  1. Read the Case Twice
  2. Use Both a Highlighter and a Pen to Take Notes
  3. Apply the Basic Context Frameworks
  4. Apply a More Detailed Framework
  5. Take a Side
  6. Take Another Side

UCLA Anderson

  1. Get Free Software Training From Lynda
  2. Wait for UCLA Store Sales to Buy Gear
  3. Buy Tickets from the Central Ticket Office
  4. Dentist Recommendations
  5. Use KREC Instead of Wooden
  6. Sign up for UCLA Recreation Activities
  7. Consider FEMBA Classes When Building Your Schedule
  8. Use 1iota to Attend Show Tapings
  9. Go to Covel Commons for a Cheap Buffet
  10. Monitor Your Power Consumption with UCLA Engage
  11. Don’t Mess Around with Parking Enforcement
  12. Keep an Umbrella in Your Locker
  13. Signup for Alumni Email Lists
  14. Get a Qualtrics Account
  15. Download Industry Reports from the Business School Library Database
  16. Study In the Large Classrooms
  17. Healthy Food Options on Campus
  18. Consider the Business Creation Option for Your AMR Project

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  1. Hi Matthew,

    Great website. As an incoming MBA student this fall, I plan on reading all of your posts before class begins.

    For tip #63, Always Write Thank You Notes, do you mean to send physical notes or email thank-yous? If physical notes, what information do you usually include on the note? I’m used to sending follow-up emails but have never sent an actual note to an employer.

  2. Hi ,

    I am very happy reading your 108 Tips for New MBA Students, I am also MBA student and doing MBA from Asia-Pacific Institute of Management in Delhi, India. I think your post is most important for us and our career. Lastly I would like huge thanks for sharing such great info for us

    MBA (Asia-Pacific Institute of Management)


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