108 Tips for New MBA Students

by Matthew Kuo on August 14, 2013

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  1. Have at Least One Leadership Position
  2. Prioritize the First Bullets of Each Section
  3. Don’t Leave Too Much White Space
  4. If Your GMAT Score is 700 or Above, Put it On Your Resume
  5. Show Results in Your Bullet Points
  6. Use Numbers to Show Results
  7. Consider a Functional Grouping Instead of Chronological Order
  8. Don’t Stress About the Bottom of Your Resume
  9. Use Standard MBA Resume Formatting
  10. Get Several Different Perspectives on Your Resume
  11. No Spelling or Grammar Errors
  12. Update Your Linked In Profile
  13. Channel the Recruiter’s Perspective Rather Than Your Own Pride
  14. If Your Company Isn’t Well Known, Add a Descriptive Blurb
  15. Use a Word Frequency Counter to Prevent Redundancy


  1. Have Answers Prepared for the Main Behavioral Question Types
  2. Use a Story Tracker to Ensure Coverage
  3. Go With Your Best Stories First
  4. Use an Interview Preparation Checklist
  5. Prepare for Oddball Questions
  6. Know Every Bullet Point in Your Resume
  7. Use a Story to Respond to Short Answer Prompts
  8. Pick a Favorable Interview Time Slot If Possible
  9. Research Your Interviewer’s Background If Possible
  10. Use InverviewStream
  11. Don’t Let Bad Interview Results Affect Future Interviews
  12. Do Case Prep Regardless of Your Interest in Consulting
  13. Use the Pencil in Mouth Trick
  14. Always Write Thank You Notes
  15. Don’t Accept Water or Mints from the Interviewer

Networking Events

  1. Come to the Event with a Strategy
  2. Prepare Good Questions
  3. Talk to the Recruiter
  4. Work in Teams
  5. Introduce Your Peers to the Corporate Participants
  6. Set a Contact Goal
  7. Bring Some Business Cards Just in Case
  8. Hold Your Drink with Your Left Hand
  9. Put Your Nametag on Your Lapel
  10. Write Thank You Notes Right After the Event

Personal Finance

  1. Check Your Credit Report Three Times a Year
  2. Rebalance Your Portfolio Once a Year
  3. Rollover Your 401K Early
  4. Invest in Index Funds Rather than Individual Stocks
  5. Invest in Your Roth IRA
  6. Perform a Roth Conversion
  7. Get a Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fees
  8. Check to See Whether You Can Deduct Your MBA
  9. Tutor First Year Students
  10. Become a Teaching Assistant
  11. Participate in Case Competitions

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INLEAD February 4, 2016 at 1:43 am

nice post.


Nick July 11, 2016 at 5:34 am

Hi Matthew,

Great website. As an incoming MBA student this fall, I plan on reading all of your posts before class begins.

For tip #63, Always Write Thank You Notes, do you mean to send physical notes or email thank-yous? If physical notes, what information do you usually include on the note? I’m used to sending follow-up emails but have never sent an actual note to an employer.


Sanjay Kumar October 23, 2016 at 11:38 pm

Hi ,

I am very happy reading your 108 Tips for New MBA Students, I am also MBA student and doing MBA from Asia-Pacific Institute of Management in Delhi, India. I think your post is most important for us and our career. Lastly I would like huge thanks for sharing such great info for us

MBA (Asia-Pacific Institute of Management)


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