I basically have a week between the end of spring quarter finals and the start of my summer internship.  Since I'm staying locally in LA for work, I have some free time on my hands and I'm going to try to get some things done before I get really busy again.  If I can get even half of ... Continue Reading >>
Technology Recruiting Interview Prep Dentist Recommendations Storage Options Hours Phone Numbers   Anderson Main Anderson Website - if you missed any of the Dean's speaker series, the videos are here http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/ Anderson Classroom Reservation - for club events, guest speakers https://www2.anderson.ucla.edu/apps/epweb/epweb.dll/EXEC/0/1j3o98z1tnv67i1gc8r6y0l38it4 Continue Reading >>
Within the healthcare industry, healthcare reform is probably the most confusing and divisive subject.  The impact of reform is still far from certain and there is a myriad of information sources online, all with varying levels of usefulness.  Below are two great presentations about the impact of reform that I've found most Continue Reading >>